Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Puan Firdous's visit to dubai.

This post is exclusively for my sister as she requested a post just dedicated on her visit to Dubai. I just need a reason to write and you gave me one.

Well to start off I've been waiting for ages for my sis to visit me in Dubai. My Mom has come several times but none of my siblings have. They too had the intention but as life and it's happenings comes in between they never managed to visit us till last December. And when December finally decided to come upon us my sister's family and my parents came to Dubai to visit us. Initially I was a bit of course excited and over whelmed with happiness but I also worried about meeting thier expectations and will they be comfortable and blah blah...Silly me as usual. But they were delighted with Dubai and and our home the moment they set foot on it. I remember my nephew being the charming boy he always is coming up to me and saying, "You have an amazing house izziama". That just took my breath away. All the hard work keeping a home and trying my level best to persuade my not so into home decor hubby to help me put up some fixtures and frame over the last 3 years has actually paid off.

Well once they were settled we all had a plan outlined for their visit. My parents took it easy this time as they have come twice before this. So all they wanted to do was to visit a few places and mainly to take it easy and have a relaxing time. What we needed to focus on was to wow my sister's family and make their visit a memorable one. Everyday we had something planned and god bless my sister and my ever wonderful brother in law for their efficiency in getting them and their 3 adorable kids ready in time. The house was always busy in the mornings. waking up, getting cleaned and down in time for breakfast was a fun thing in that 2 weeks.It was chaotic at times but fun fun fun. Did I mention it was great fun.

Well we had so many places to visit but only two weeks. Oh boy that was hard to complete but we did finish most of them but missed a few here and there. Well there's always a next time right. This is the main list that we had:

So that's the list and as you can slightly make over what you can read that's 2 weeks to the dot. We didn't miss any days out and there no days just dedicated to rest. Well you've come all the way here and what to rest. Nah.

All in all like you requested your visit was out of this world and amazing and stupendous. Jokes aside it was truly a great vacation. When great company gets together the out come can only be good. Most importantly it gave us as a family to bond together as we never actually stayed in one house together since we both got married. To be exact when I got married. So i loved it to bits. We had these long chats at night and had good laughs.

Im just waiting for your next visit sis. Would love to go in details to every single day but then if I do that this blog will never end and I will have to mention Machan's vomiting incident...OOOppps.

Thank you for coming. Looking forward to your next visit.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yuva and Sara's Visit to Dubai

I don't remember when was the last time I laughed so much. Well I do giggle all the time but laughing till your tummy aches and your eyes tear up. That pretty much sums up to how much of laughter we had for the last 5 days. Yuva And Sara (Saravana Kumar) at last made a trip to Dubai. They were on their way back to Glasgow from Malaysia and we had only 5 days with them.

Sara is one of Fairoz's very good friend, safe to say his best friend. They go back a long way. Yuva his wife and Sara are both doing their Phd in Glasgow. They both make a lovely couple just like us. He he. Timing was perfect when they were here since we had school break from the 15th till the 19th. So I had no worries keeping up to routine and school rush. It was a short visit but one to be remembered.

Usually whenever we have guests Fairoz comes up with a long printed schedule on where to visit and good places to eat. So this time was no different. We had the list again but to our surprise they wanted to take it easy and not rush as they just came back from Malaysia where everything was a big rush as always. So we too sat back and relaxed and did what we could. We managed to bring them to Dubai Mall Aquarium , Dubai Festival City, Heritage village, Chamber of Atlantis and they went for the Desert Safari. I wished we could have brought them to Global Village but the one time we tried we could not even enter the place and somehow time went by and we could not go. There is always a next time. The main thing we did when they were here was just to catch up with each other and have a good time. And that's what we did. We talked and talked and talked. Anyone who knows Sara knows that he can just crack you up by just looking at you. Boy did he make us laugh or what. I feel like I laughed so much that today without them around feels like i've just had the most boring day of them all.

Hope they can make another visit soon or us going up to Glasgow. Thank you for coming and being with us. We too had a little break and having friends like both of you is the best anyone can ever hope for. Like they say all good things must come to an end. Looking forward to the next one with you guys.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello Again

He he..I know what you're gonna say kak Gim. Ok I'm here dusting off my blog again. Seriously I get so much of ideas to write but somehow again time plays a nasty trick on me. I have to admire some women out there. How do you manage to keep your blog in tip top shape and still juggle with everyday life. Give yourself a lot of pats on the back.

Just thought of dropping a line or two and see how things go this time. So what has happened so far. Let me see. Azfar has moved from nursery to KG2 to Grade 1. He's a brilliant boy. We are working very hard to get some things sorted out but I'm sure all will be well in due time. Little Hanaa Z is in nursery now. Currently she is attending Palms Nursery. 10 minutes drive away. I was just too excited about both kids going to school. just imagine the time i will have. Boy was I so wrong about that. The drop offs and pick ups is done by me now. Yes got my driving license. After failing 2 times...not bad in a place where people actually fail 16 times and then leave the country. Well to get back to the leisure time i was talking about. None...what leisure time. It's either sit down and be a couch potato or sleep or start cooking and doing the laundry. Well with two kids who only eats home cooked meal and being the laundry freak I am I guess it's safe to say that I come back and start cooking and cleaning and by the time I know it it;s time to go pick them up. Im writing this so fast so please pardon me for any errors. No time for spell check coz i know if I do that this thing will never get published.

SO kids off to school and what else...Well it's 2011...Happy New Year...My parents and sister's family came down last December. It was great fun. One good memory and just Last month my in laws came down for the first time. Somehow with school and it's timing we still managed to have lots of fun. Thank you for making us very happy with your visit.

That's all for now...Let's see how long it takes this time. Ciao

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Missing In Action

Im back. I don't know for how long but will try my best.

In my earlier post I mentioned about being troubled with getting help. I figured the best way was to do it all by yourself. It worked and I have to say it was very rewarding as well. The satisfaction one gets knowing you have done everything by yourself is truly amazing. Well i do get some help now and then but most of the time I'm on my own. In a way it keeps me moving. Good to shed off those unwanted pounds. It's going away but very slowly.

Azfar has gone to school and wjile writing these I'm already planning today's menu. The weather is wonderful but a little cold as well. It's really hard and very trying to wake up so early when even the weather tells you to go back to bed and snuggle in. Azfar was good on the first day but the following days always was followed with "2 minutes" , "I wanna sleep more". It breaks my heart to see him wake up with so much difficulty and get down to gulp down his breakfast and get ready for school. But my boy is truly very good. He's taking it so well. Can't blame him. We had such a lovely time back in Malaysia. A good rest and a wonderful family time as well. And now its back to routine. We'll get the hang of it soon.

Will write more soon.....Something everyday...If I can.....

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not so much

I have been trying my level best to write at least some updates since my last post. I do not know how you do it but time plays a pretty mean game to me. Well I thought my next post was going to be all cheery and filled up with new improvements. It will definitely have that but also some not so good news.

Since the last time I updated this blog my old maid left and I hired an Indonesian lady who was coming from 9 am till 6 pm. Azfar started his nursery and I needed more help at home. We did pretty well. He loves his nursery and I had more time with my little princess at home. I said more time with her not more free time. Well a lot of them thought when you send one kid to school, you tend to have more time for something but guess what , YOU ARE SO WRONG ABOUT THAT MY FRIEND. Ha ha, I just had to do that. Well it's true. Since little master started his preschool, we have been running up and down ( more about his nursery in another post). Hence we took a new maid, one who we assumed will be of more help rather than leaving us in the middle of the month. She had her excuses and I have mine for being upset.

Right now I am horribly ill with this bad cold and nursing 2 lil ones with horrible cough...so I need a miracle to happen. Send me a maid, a good one, one who is constant and does not decide to leave all of a sudden.

That part is over and I am looking forward for some good news soon. Other than that I have found some real friends at last over here in Dubai. It makes this place a whole lot better to live. Will write more soon. I have been trying to write about Azfar's debut to the schooling world. Watch this space.