Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Puan Firdous's visit to dubai.

This post is exclusively for my sister as she requested a post just dedicated on her visit to Dubai. I just need a reason to write and you gave me one.

Well to start off I've been waiting for ages for my sis to visit me in Dubai. My Mom has come several times but none of my siblings have. They too had the intention but as life and it's happenings comes in between they never managed to visit us till last December. And when December finally decided to come upon us my sister's family and my parents came to Dubai to visit us. Initially I was a bit of course excited and over whelmed with happiness but I also worried about meeting thier expectations and will they be comfortable and blah blah...Silly me as usual. But they were delighted with Dubai and and our home the moment they set foot on it. I remember my nephew being the charming boy he always is coming up to me and saying, "You have an amazing house izziama". That just took my breath away. All the hard work keeping a home and trying my level best to persuade my not so into home decor hubby to help me put up some fixtures and frame over the last 3 years has actually paid off.

Well once they were settled we all had a plan outlined for their visit. My parents took it easy this time as they have come twice before this. So all they wanted to do was to visit a few places and mainly to take it easy and have a relaxing time. What we needed to focus on was to wow my sister's family and make their visit a memorable one. Everyday we had something planned and god bless my sister and my ever wonderful brother in law for their efficiency in getting them and their 3 adorable kids ready in time. The house was always busy in the mornings. waking up, getting cleaned and down in time for breakfast was a fun thing in that 2 weeks.It was chaotic at times but fun fun fun. Did I mention it was great fun.

Well we had so many places to visit but only two weeks. Oh boy that was hard to complete but we did finish most of them but missed a few here and there. Well there's always a next time right. This is the main list that we had:

So that's the list and as you can slightly make over what you can read that's 2 weeks to the dot. We didn't miss any days out and there no days just dedicated to rest. Well you've come all the way here and what to rest. Nah.

All in all like you requested your visit was out of this world and amazing and stupendous. Jokes aside it was truly a great vacation. When great company gets together the out come can only be good. Most importantly it gave us as a family to bond together as we never actually stayed in one house together since we both got married. To be exact when I got married. So i loved it to bits. We had these long chats at night and had good laughs.

Im just waiting for your next visit sis. Would love to go in details to every single day but then if I do that this blog will never end and I will have to mention Machan's vomiting incident...OOOppps.

Thank you for coming. Looking forward to your next visit.

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